Renderings of the future building expansion coming soon!

What is the goal and purpose of expanding CMCS?

Today, more than ever before, families are seeking a positive and strong Christian education for their children. With tremendous and ongoing growth in the student population over the past three years, we know that this is the time to expand and grow CMCS.

When will this project begin and end?

The project is slated to begin Spring of 2023 and be completed Spring of 2024.

Will this hinder or interfere with my child’s scholastic experience during the construction process?

No. We are focused on maintaining the highest academic and student experience during the construction period. Any construction or transformations on the elementary campus will have a minimal effect on students.

How much financial support does the school need to raise?

The goal amount to be raised is $1.5 million.

Will the Christian principles and standards of CMCS remain the same through this growth and development?

We are committed to maintaining strong values of excellence in education and equipping and disciplining students for a lifelong commitment of loving and serving Christ. Not only will we remain steadfast in our principles, but it is our expectation to increase our overall commitment to serving Jesus in every aspect of our school.

Upon completion what will CMCS be and look like?

Colossians 3:23 tells us that in whatever we are doing, to do it with all our hearts and unto the Lord. We have committed this construction process and the outcome to the Lord. Once completed, it is our desire that every single corner of CMCS will bring glory to God, excellence in every aspect, and function at the highest level.
If you have any additional questions, please contact the Head of Schools, Jennifer Bursch at [email protected].

  • Continuous building and equipping of the leadership team 
  • Continue to bring excellent and committed teachers and staff to CMCS 
  • Continue to grow CMCS enrollment-specifically to junior high
  •  That every aspect of the construction process would go smoothly 
  • Bless each CMCS family as we grow 
  • Communication transparency