Administration & Campus Service

Christy Hartman, K-8th Principal -- [email protected]
Melissa Chesney, K-8th Assistant Principal -- [email protected]
Janelle Williams, K-8th Assistant Principal -- [email protected]
Mical Andrews, Instructional Coach -- [email protected]
Cheryl Brann, School Receptionist -- [email protected]
Dena Cipres, Dean of Admissions, Administrative Assistant -- [email protected]
Sherry Moreno, Head of Support Staff -- [email protected]
Irma Navarro, Health Aide -- [email protected]
Olivia Singh, Admissions Assistant  -- [email protected]

Elementary Staff

Grade Level Teachers
Andrea Morales, Kindergarten -- [email protected]
Marjorie Pittard, Kindergarten -- [email protected]
Megan Jauert, 1st Grade -- [email protected]
Amanda Sappington, 1st Grade -- [email protected]
Alyssa Boyer, 2nd Grade -- [email protected]
Summer Thorpe, 2nd Grade -- [email protected]
Vanessa Marman, 3rd Grade -- [email protected]
Karylyn Thompson, 3rd Grade -- [email protected]
Morgan Garrison, 4th Grade -- [email protected]
Felicia Cipres, 5th Grade -- [email protected]
Rae Peterson, 5th Grade -- [email protected]
Christina Kaiser, 6th Grade -- [email protected]
Kendra Watson, 6th Grade -- [email protected]
Enrichment Teachers
Derek Bouma, PE -- [email protected]
Valerie Camacho, Library -- [email protected]
Taryn Chang, Technology -- [email protected]
Carmen Dickinson, Music, Band, & Choir -- [email protected]
Deb Ernst, Science Center & Intervention Program -- [email protected]
Brooke Willis, Art -- [email protected]

Jr. High Staff

Derek Bouma, PE -- [email protected]
Taryn Chang, Technology & ASB -- [email protected]
Carmen Dickinson, Music -- [email protected]
Erica Lowery, Math, English, & Girls' Bible -- [email protected]
Steve Singh, History, Science, & Boys' Bible -- [email protected]
Brooke Willis, Art -- [email protected]