Warrior Athletes

We are so excited you have decided to be apart of the Calvary Athletic Ministry.  We need you to get your online clearance registration done right away so we can prepare for the season with games and coaches (we are no longer accepting printed clearance papers). To register as a Calvary Athlete please follow these instructions by clicking here: Register Athlete. 

  1. Click the California Map button
  2. Login or create a Parent Account (click the “Don’t have an account? Register” button)
  3. Click on “Start Clearance Here!” button
  4. Enter the school year that your athlete will be participating in
  5. Enter Calvary Murrieta (CIF-SS) as your school
  6. Enter and the Athlete’s 1st Sport
  7. If your Athlete played a sport last year, you will be able to select your student from the drop down menu under: “Student already in the system?”
    • Common error. Athlete’s Grade: Enter the grade for the year your athlete will be playing the sport.
  8. Click Save
  9. The next page is where you download your physical form if you do not have it already.
  10. Click Save
    • You can drop off your current sports physical in the school office or scan/email it to: [email protected]
  11. On this page, you will answer "Yes" or "No" questions on your athletes medical history
  12. Click Save
  13. Once again you have a drop down menu if you are a return parent, but if you are not then you will need to fill out your information on this page.
  14. Click Submit
  15. The last page is a signature page.  Type in your full name into each of the Parent Signature boxes and same for the Student Signature boxes.
  16. Click Submit and you are finished!
  17. Once you’ve signed all of the parent and athlete forms, you will receive a message that you’ve completed registration.  At this time you can scroll down to add additional sports that your athlete is interested in without having to enter all the information again!
  18. After registering your athlete, you will want to visit the CMCS Marketplace to pay your Sports Fees.  Click here: Pay Sports Fee.

Once you are cleared to play, you will receive an email and will be added to our Sports Reminder App so you’ll get information from athletics & your coach on upcoming games, practices, and team events.