Junior High Performing Arts

About Junior High Music

Junior High Music class is an excellent way for our students to hone their musical skills. Students of all levels of musical ability are welcome to join this elective and discover God's gift of music! Each semester of Music class, Mrs. Dickinson loves hearing feedback from her students about the different aspects of music they are interested in. We have the flexibility to offer students small group instruction on their passions, and create an elective that is tailored to the specific student. Students have learned music skills such as acoustic guitar, electric guitar, other instruments, and vocal arrangements. We look forward to what each new semester may offer our students and seeing our students grow in knowledge and passion of all different aspects of music.

Mrs. dickinson

Mrs. Carmen Dickinson is the performing arts director at CMCS! She picked up her first instrument in Kindergarten and her second instrument the following year.  It was then that she began her classical studies.  By the time she was 12 years old, she had learned her third instrument and was fascinated with learning more throughout middle school and high school. Mrs. Dickinson earned her Music degree from West Coast Baptist College with an emphasis on the Viola in 2016.  As a child growing up in a family of educators, she knew from a young age that teaching was her passion and decided to combine both her love for music and teaching into a music teaching career.  Since graduating, Carmen has been teaching music both privately and at schools while still continuing to learn new instruments and grow as a musician.