Junior High History

About Junior High History

Jr. High History class at CMCS is not just about memorizing important dates and historical figures; students are actively engaged in higher order thinking skills based on Biblical truths, participate in engaging and hands-on lessons, learn how to take detailed and systematic notes, and apply their knowledge through rigorous academic evaluations like college-prep exams and historically-grounded argumentative essays. History class teaches students to think critically about historical and current events and be able to craft essays filled with evidence to support their claims. Our students utilize the Biblical teachings to critically analyze relevant historical events, actions, and figures; thus, training them to better evaluate real life social, political, and economic situations. Further developing them as quality Christian citizens in our world.

Best practices show that learning is best achieved through social, engaging, lessons. There is rarely a lesson in our history classes where students aren’t actively participating in hands-on learning. Whether through simulations, role playing, specifically designed games, or countless others of strategies, our history students actively participate in a fun and engrossing learning experience. There is never a boring lesson in our history classes, and your student will always remember both the fun and the purpose behind what we do. This has been shown to create deeper, more meaningful, and longer lasting connections between the students and the content matter.

Mr. Singh

Mr. Steven Singh has been with us at Calvary since 2018, and we are blessed to have him! He has over 15 years of teaching experience and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from San Diego State University. This year, Mr. Singh teaches Junior High History, Science, and Bible–but many of our football players know him as Coach Singh. His favorite thing about teaching is getting to work with students. He loves helping them learn new things, laughing with them, and getting to know them, but his greatest passion is helping them grow in their walks with Christ. Mr. Singh says, “They say if you do what you love for a living you never work a day in your life…I haven’t had to work in a very long time.”

Class Curriculum

7th Grade: World Studies - BJU Press
8th Grade: American Republic - BJU Press