Elementary PE

About Elementary PE

Physical training, health awareness, and character development are the biggest components of our Physical Education program. Students will engage in vigorous activities starting with warmups and dynamic stretching. The heart of this program is to foster a love for all things sports related. Students will have a chance to participate in classic sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, while also being introduced to some new and exciting games. We also explore the world of chasing and fleeing games such as Capture the Flag and Sharks and Minnows. All these games are designed to focus on students achieving and maintaining a level of physical fitness for health and performance in the years to come. Learning to respect our bodies because they are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19) is a key part of our dialogue about health. Lastly, character development is another big component of our Physical Education program. We give students the mental and spiritual tools needed as they navigate competition sports, working on a team, learning difficult skills, and overcoming challenges on and off the field.

Coach Pat

This is Coach Pat's first year teaching PE at CMCS, and he is excited to encourage our students in their pursuit of physical education! He graduated from California Baptist University with a degree in kinesiology, concentration in physical education, and also earned his MBA degree. We are thrilled to have him on our Warrior teaching team!