junior high math

About Junior High Math

Math 7 & 8
Our Math program at CMCS is designed to meet our students at their appropriate skill levels and challenge them to keep learning and growing. We offer three different math courses, based upon grade and math level: Math 7, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. These classes are rigorous courses that will help our students develop critical thinking and mathematics skills so that they can connect, create, collaborate, and communicate effectively in our world. Math is based on order and rules which are constant and unchanging. As we go through these courses, we will see how math exhibits God’s attributes.

Mrs. Aldus

Mrs. Rebecca Aldus went to college at Liberty University where she earned her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Mrs. Aldus did her student teaching during Fall 2022 and she has been substituting at various schools in the area.  Mrs. Aldus loves creating an environment where students want to learn and are excited about coming to class. Her favorite part about being an educator is forming relationships with her students, getting them excited about learning, and impacting them for Christ

Class Curriculum

  • Math 7 – Glencoe
  • Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1  – Glencoe/McGraw-Hill