Elementary technology

About Elementary Technology

Calvary Murrieta Christian Schools Technology program is a mix of traditional computer skills with a great deal of STEM options. We have a lab that uses iPads, PCs, and Macs! We also have many robots and a 3D printer! Our green wall allows many opportunities for students to sharpen their photography and video skills. Each year expands on the previous year’s learning. Though we might be using the same app or software, their ability to create more advance work grows each year.

Our kindergarten students use iPads to reinforce classroom skills, especially in math and reading. Each student has an account in ABC Mouse. We also use a variety of apps to create drawings, short stories, and more!

During first grade, our students begin to use apps such as Pic Collage and Draw and Tell to create stories. Students get to begin working with our robots as well as start to learning to code.

Second grade
begins working much more with laptops in programs such as Kid Pix and Pixie 4.  They are also introduced to Book Creator and will publish books both in the lab and the classroom. Our green screen is a hit with second grade as students love to create drawings and add themselves into the drawings. We code the entire month of December and begin learning graphing skills in early Spring.

Our third grade spends the first part of the school year in a wonderful app called Zoombinis, which is a logic-based, problem-solving app. We create more intricate books with Book Creator and start using Excel and Numbers as well. Students will code the entire month of December and begin 3D printing in early Spring.

Our fourth grade students blog the 1st week of each month which increases their keyboarding and creative writing skills. In addition to blogging, fourth grade students start working with Office 365, Pages, and Keynote. Like previous years, they will code in December while also creating more advanced 3D prints.

Our fifth grade students wander through many tech options during the year. They blog, 3D print, create iMovie’s, work with robots, and code. Students also learn to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows in Microsoft and Apple products.

Sixth grade opens the year with Bryce, a 3D modeling program specializing in fractal landscape. We begin the year learning the software and by semester’s end, they are creating wonderful and realistic scenes.  Students spend a good amount of time in video editing, robotics, coding, and 3D printing, while working with MS 354 and Apple products. Sixth grade students also blog once a month to keep strengthening their keyboarding and creative writing skills.

Mrs. Chang

Mrs. Taryn Chang is our amazing Technology teacher! Mrs. Chang is excited to instill a love of learning and technology into the hearts of her students. Mrs. Chang is passionate about seeing her students grow, thrive, learn new skills, and have fun in a hands-on learning environment. CMCS is blessed to have Mrs. Chang as a part of our team!