Elementary performing arts

About Elementary Performing Arts

At CMCS, we believe music makes a positive impact in the lives of students. In our Music program at CMCS, music theory is very important and it is the foundation of the music program at our school. Kindergarten through second grade focuses on keeping a steady beat, learning basic music vocabulary, simple rhythm as well as simple music notation. Kindergarten through second grade students also put on a Christmas musical in December. Third grade through sixth grade students continue to increase their music theory and music notation skills while also being introduced to an instrument. Third grade learns the flutophone, fourth grade the recorder, fifth grade the ukulele, and sixth grade the guitar. They learn how to play simple melodies and harmonies. Fourth grade through sixth grade students put on a spring performance at the end of the year. It is our goal to introduce music literacy to our students and help them learn and enjoy God's gift of music!

In addition to these enrichment classes, CMCS also offers choir and band year-round to students in grade 4 and up. These classes both meet twice a week. In band, the students have the opportunity to improve their music notation and rhythm beyond what is taught during their weekly lessons. They learn how to play a new instrument, play with others, and are introduced to a variety of music and music styles. In choir, students continue learning rudiments of music such as rhythm, melody and harmony. They learn singing techniques, how to sing with others, and how to sing in harmony. They are also introduced to a variety of music and music styles. Both band and choir have several on-and off-campus performances throughout the year.
Each year, our students from grades 4th-6th perform in a Spring Musical. In the spring, our students were able to shine and showcase their talents in Annie, the Musical.

Mrs. Nyseth

Mrs. Michelle Nyseth is the performing arts director at CMCS. She has a diverse background in the performing arts, music education, and teaching children of all ages to love, appreciate, and discover how music can change their lives and their hearts at any moment.  Music has been part of Mrs. Nyseth's life since she was 5 years old and she began singing on stage with her mother at various churches and events. At age 6, she took her first piano lesson and music took hold of her soul. After many years of singing and playing piano as a performer, a musical education, learning more instruments, being in a band with her husband, and teaching piano and voice, she has shared that love for music with students of many ages, from 3 to 93.
 As a music teacher, she believes even if a child is simply curious about music, letting them freely explore and learn any instrument can spark a love for all types of music. Music education helps develop motor skills, build confidence & self-esteem, and create a feeling of independence for growing minds, while it encourages and fosters a love of music that can be applied to learning and growth in all areas of a child’s life.  
 She has continued performing on and off stage in a band with her husband, as a Worship Leader in her community church, as the piano, voice, and musical theater teacher at her home music studio, and as a musical director to children of all ages at various churches, theater groups, and local schools. She has taught 4th and 5th-grade classrooms as a full-time teacher while creating and developing the music, choir, and theater department for upper and middle school students.  Musical theater is a family affair. Michelle and her youngest son audition and perform on stage at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater and her oldest son is currently following in his father's footsteps who has been a drummer for over 30 years.
 Educating and sharing music with young growing minds at all levels has been the biggest blessing of Michelle’s professional career and she can’t wait to share her love of music with the students of CMCS!