Elementary library 

About Elementary Library

The library is a fun place to discover, explore, and get lost in a book! Once a week, each class comes to the library for 30 minutes. During this time, Miss Camacho read stories to the kindergarteners, while the 1st-6th graders participate in the Accelerated Reading program, also known as AR. First grade students don’t start AR until the second quarter.

Here’s how AR works: twice a year, students in 1st-6th grade take the STAR test to determine their current reading range. After they receive their results, students can begin to take quizzes and receive points for books they have read within their reading range. Each quarter, their teacher sets a point goal for students to reach. During their library time each week, they can check out up to two books at a time and take quizzes. If a student reaches their goal at the end of the quarter, they will receive a prize and an AR completion certificate. This is a great way to encourage students to read!

Miss Camacho loves to introduce students to reading and enjoys watching them fall in love with it. Each year, we are amazed by our students’ reading levels!

Mrs. camacho

Mrs. Valerie Camacho has been a part of our Calvary family for over 20 years! She loves being the librarian and has a love for reading and has a vast knowledge of books. She is passionate about helping students develop a love for reading, and it shows as she interacts with them. Our students love library time and they love asking Mrs. Camacho for book suggestions. We are so thankful for her!