Elementary Art

About Elementary Art

In Elementary art the students will form the building blocks of their art knowledge. The 7 Elements of Art (Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, and Texture) are introduced and advanced on through the grades. Confidence and creativity are built through fun projects utilizing various media. Students will learn to plan, create, and critique. We will explore many different artists and art styles and become aware of God’s influence in our art and in the world around us. 

Mrs. Campion

Mrs. Clare Campion is our fabulous art teacher. She hails from England and attended school at Stoke on Trent 6th form College, then to Stoke on Trent college for her BTEC in early childhood education. She is a self-taught artist and has done many murals and commissioned art around San Diego, from schools and restaurants to private homes. She has worked in early childhood education for about 30 years. Mrs. Campion has been an artist for 25 years and I has taught art through private art classes for about 15 years. Her favorite part in teaching is  observing students grow and watching them face and overcome challenges. We are so grateful to have Mrs. Campion at CMCS!