Junior High PE

About Junior High PE 

Teaching Physical Education is a joy as we exercise and encourage students to learn to push themselves physically. During our time in PE, I have three goals: that students would get the necessary exercise in order to improve all aspects of their lives, for them to truly enjoy physical movement and exertion, and for them to further develop Christ-like character. My hope is that these three goals are met through competitive, but always respectful, games. We do spend time on the “major” sports, such as soccer, basketball, football, and baseball. However, we also reserve time to play other games such as capture the flag, sharks and minnows, and gatorball. These other games allow for all students to be active participants and contributors to their teams without having the knowledge and skill necessary to play more organized sports. Our students develop Christ-like character as they learn to be competitive with each other, while learning the art of winning with humility and losing with grace. As we go through our year, we will see what God says about giving our best and about how to take care of our bodies.

Mr. Fuller

Mr. Justin Fuller has been part of our teaching team at Calvary for 6 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Westmont College and a Masters in Theological Studies from Bethel Seminary San Diego. Mr. Fuller teaches Junior High Bible and PE, and in previous years he also taught High School Church History. Mr. Fuller is beloved by his students and is known for his sense of humor and his willingness to listen and offer his students advice. His favorite part about teaching is that he gets to have an impact on the spiritual lives of his students.