6th Grade

About 6th Grade

Sixth grade is such a great year where students get to really build on what they have learned throughout their years in elementary school. The main concepts that we cover in Math are positive and negative integers, fractions, decimals, percent, and basic algebra concepts. Students learn to solve for x, how to use a coordinate graph, how to read a scaled map, how to solve proportions, and much more. They spend the first half of the year in Science studying Earth and Space Science. This includes learning about oceans, rocks, extreme weather, and astronomy. For the second half of the year, students study human body systems and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sixth grade English takes basic grammar concepts one step further. Students learn about types of sentences and solidify their knowledge of parts of speech. They learn to use their expanded knowledge to write better sentences in their own essays. Throughout the year, students get to do a couple of novel studies together as a class. This gives them a chance to dig in and understand settings, characters, and storylines. Students also continue to develop their writing skills with a few different essay projects and weekly paragraph writing.
Ancient civilizations is our history topic in sixth grade. We begin, as everything did, in Mesopotamia. We learn about the pyramids of Egypt, the Exodus of Israel, and how democracy began in Greece. We learn that the study of history gives us deeper insight into the wonder if God’s plan for the world. Along with their core subjects, students get the opportunity to study from the Bible each week. The lessons focus on different character traits taught in the Bible and how to live a Christ-filled life. At the end of the year, they spend several weeks diving into Revelation and the end times.

We work hard in sixth grade, but we also have fun! To instill a love of Christian service, we make a trip to a local food bank. Sixth graders show their maturity by running the Operation Christmas Child gift drive. We also have an on-campus tide pools event. Our biggest event is 4-day trip to Rawhide Ranch! 6th grade is a perfect end to our students’ elementary career.

Mrs. Rodriguez

Mrs. Mary Rodriguez joined our Calvary staff in 2017 and has been a wonderful addition to our school. Mrs. Rodriguez has a Bachelor of Science as well as a Master of Arts from Hope International University, and is currently pursuing her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a second Master’s. She has been in education since 1986 as a teacher, a preschool director, instructional assistant, and an independent facilitator. She loves connecting with her students and mentoring them. Her smile is big and her heart is even bigger! She dreams great dreams with her students and enjoys watching them achieve.


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