junior high math & science

About Junior High Math & Science

Math 7 & 8
Pre-Algebra and Algebra are fun and exciting courses that will help our students develop critical thinking and mathematics skills so that they can connect, create, collaborate, and communicate effectively in our world.
Math is based on order and rules which are constant and unchanging. As we go through these courses, we will see how math exhibits God’s attributes.
Science 7 & 8
Life Science is the study of the living world, created and given to us by God to order and protect. Physical Science is the study of the structure and order of the world created by God. In our science courses, we will critically evaluate the world through a Biblical sense in order to learn more about our Creator and recognize the evidence of His handiwork in all living things.
Lab work will be an additional component of these courses that will provide hands-on illustrations of key points. Some lab work will be done in the classroom, and other labs will take place outside or in the science lab.

Mrs. lowery

Mrs. Erica Lowery has been working at Calvary since 2018 and has been teaching for over 10 years. She hold a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Hyles-Anderson College, a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies: Teacher Preparation from Hope International University, and is currently finishing her Masters in Education from Hope International University. She has taught Math, English/Language Arts, Bible, and Science at the middle and high school levels. She is currently teaching Junior High Math and Science to our 7th and 8th grade students. Her favorite thing about teaching is her students! She loves the transparency and honesty of junior high students and that they aren’t afraid to be themselves. She is known for her joyful attitude and the great love she has for her students!

Class Curriculum

7th Grade
Pre-Algebra (HS ED)  –  McGraw-Hill Higher Education [Glencoe]
Life Science Student Text - Bob Jones University Press
8th Grade
Algebra 1 (CCSS) – McGraw-Hill Higher Education [Glencoe]
Physical Science Student Text - Bob Jones University Press