Junior High Bible

About Junior High Bible

During the students’ seventh grade year, we survey the Old Testament focusing on God’s overall plan of redemption to be brought on by Jesus as the promised Messiah.  During the students’ eighth grade year, we survey the New Testament to see how Jesus has fulfilled the many promises of God and how He will ultimately and permanently establish His Kingdom.  Due to the nature of the material and the time allotted, we are not able to study the Bible through a chapter and verse approach.  Instead, we highlight those events and people that best demonstrate God’s nature and plan.  Students are required to read their Bibles every day in class, watch videos that give them a general overview of each book we study, and complete assignments designed to reinforce  the  concepts  we  feel  are  important.  I provide lectures that go into the detail of each book we study, and students work together to apply what they’ve learned to their lives today.  It’s truly a privilege to be able to consider the person and work of the Lord, our Savior, with students.  I am blessed by their insights and our interaction just as much, if not more, as they are from my instruction.

Mr. Fuller

Mr. Justin Fuller has been part of our teaching team at Calvary for 6 years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Westmont College and a Masters in Theological Studies from Bethel Seminary San Diego. Mr. Fuller teaches Junior High Bible and PE, and in previous years he also taught High School Church History. Mr. Fuller is beloved by his students and is known for his sense of humor and his willingness to listen and offer his students advice. His favorite part about teaching is that he gets to have an impact on the spiritual lives of his students.

Class Curriculum

Bible 7
Bible Truths Level D Student Worktext
Bible 8
Bible Truths C Student Text
Bible Truths Level E Student Worktext